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It's Bill's place too. Of course. 

As my significant other, I consult Bill on all significant decisions.


Like... do you think we should put on an addition to our new house?

Bill says sure, that's only two additional years until I can retire.


And I check with him...what do you want for supper?

Bill says, it's up to you.


I like it when Bill says, it's up to you.

It makes a significant addition to our successful relationship.


Thanks Bill. It means a lot that you trust me. More quinoa-loaf? No?

I'll tuck it in your lunch kit.


Mischelle's Place Blog

Okay, okay...

Okay, I took a break...

I haven't spent ALL of the last 2 months in Mexico, lounging in the warm sun....


But I took a break from posting here, after several months of non stop action. Work, work, work!


We still have a few things to finish in the house.

We'll want to get those done and then show more photos.


And we want to get to those stories on some of our special projects, like the kitchen wooden counter top. And our beautiful fireplace. Soon!


And next...landscaping outside!


I brought a few plants back in my suitcase, from Mexico, that I think will go really well with our Spanish motif....


I'm KIDDING! Everyone knows that's illegal. Sheesh.



And we are loving it!

That is one amazing counter! We will tell you how we did it, ourselves! One day...


Friends and family! Coming around to our new home in droves. One son, his wife, and my grandchildren here, another son on the phone, Bill fixing stuff, friends snapping photos. Is that a knock on the door? 

Excuse me...


Keep an eye out for some how-to's!

Now that the hectic reno action is done...


Not just finished renos, but photos of our wall art here...because it's part of what makes a house a home.

Along with the sound of happy grandchildren and a contented husband, of course...


Well, we are in!

I'm so happy I just can't stand it!


It's celebration night, and not just because it's Solstice. (yes those are candles lit out by our river).


Never mind that everything isn't done!

It'll get done!


So here are a few random photos taken, including a little of our Christmas decs and favorite paintings and vignettes...

How did we do that fireplace surround?


Keep checking back in January for that story!


Still hours to go before I sleep...

Here's the 2nd Avenue house from the Nicola River side, the back. We'll have to wait for spring now to do a little landscaping!

Useful tools and equipment for renos, contractors are all over the house still...


I hope this ladder here doesn't mean they put the windows in too high! Step up to see!

We are close to the end, but these photos show that there is a ways to go.

This door is a story in itself!

A collaborative effort for sure...

I'll have to tell a few stories when the reno is done. And how we did the front door to our 2nd Avenue home will be one of them!



I feel giddy...almost the end of renos 

Okay, seriously folks. I AM going to post some photos of all the seriously great reno work that has been going on over the last week.  

Although mostly good, some of the reno situations since the beginning were bad enough to bring me to tears. I had to laugh to keep from crying. You wouldn't believe some of the stories...unless you've reno-ed. 

But we are seriously getting there.



Lunch at 2nd Avenue...

Here I am, on my lunch break, directing renos, while I eat my lunch on the living room drop cloth.

Jano, who is supposed to be taking photos of the reno action,  took a photo of my meager lunch just before she took my last cookie.

My last, favorite, Brambles gingerbread cookie. And she's not even going back to work. Like I am....

There oughtta be a law. 


It's December...really?

In this series of photos, Bill is measuring for his TV. He came in from work just to be sure they made the walls big enough for the TV he wants.


But while he was there he also checked my paint color choices saying helpful things like...do people really paint rooms grey? And...is that color red or orange?


He and the guys stood around for a while talking about their favorite colors. All of them agreed that blue is a good color.

What is that about anyway?


You can see in the photos that they abandoned their work while this important discussion takes place.


But not me. I kept working. Somebody has to.


You can stay if you pick up a paint brush...

My friend Jano popped by the other day and brought Grace to see the goings on. Grace is a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and she gives me treatments after I have wrecked myself reno-ing.

It makes me want to hug her.

She's useful! So Grace is allowed to have a look-see and not pick up a paint brush.

Jano, on the other hand, has been pretending she has a foot injury ever since the renos started. She just comes to give unasked for opinions and check for snacks.

Move on out, Jano. And take Grace with you. Ask Grace to get her needles ready. I hurt...

The blurry helper in the first photo above, Kate Anderson, is responsible for painting the positive words in the home entrance... These words stay, and will be under the wainscotting, blessing the house. Thanks Kate! I love my friends...

Well, I'd love Jano more if she could take non-blurry photos of my friends...

Oh fine. I love her anyway... And I love my sister Melanie, and I love Bill, and my Mom, and all my family. I feel joy at the thought of all the work done so far, and gratitude to all my helpers. And a feeling of peace falls over me when I look at...hey! Those words are really working! 


Where are my workers?!

I showed up after MY day of work, to find no one in sight on site.

There is work to be done! 

Here I am ready to direct my workers, check the work they have done during the day, and get to work beside them for a productive evening.

Empty house, after only eight hours of work! 

What is with people these days?

Bring your flashlights, for heaven's sake!! 



Near the end of November, nowhere near the end of renos

Bill and I check out the work at the end of our work day. Yup. Bill and I both have day jobs and run this reno in our coffee breaks, lunch hours, and evenings.

Well, Bill works far enough out of town that he just gets texts and phone calls from me for close consultations on any important decisions or if I feel like crying or laughing about anything I see on the job site.

Good old Bill....

At this point, the windows are late, the floor came in two colors, the heating system isn't in, the main bathroom has to be reno'd after all, there's no windows and no water...

The trees by the river are soaked by now, and not just with river water, between Dexter the dog and the reno guys...

Me, I have to limit my visits, and not just because I have to get back to work...


Renos happening...

Yes, I have my people coming and going all the time, checking on the work and giving their opinions.


Thanks everybody!

Now, let's clear out and let the workers get these renos done!

Who let the dog in?

So many decisions to make!

Everything is in flux!

We have a door in...progress!


And it begins...

2nd Avenue, ours

We have already met with contractors, plumbers, electricians...

And most of the family have walked through the property, keeping some of their questions to themselves, like

  • where's my room?
  • who broke these windows?
  • how are you going to fit all your furniture?
  • are you keeping that wood paneling?
  • one room for crawlspace stairs? Really?
  • how long til our first party?


We did it!

The move is done!


We moved out of Riverwinde....

And we are looking forward to moving in to 2nd Avenue.

BUT! there is a lot of work to do first. And in the meantime, Bill and I are living like students, in the basement suite of a friend's house. 


Even our wine choices now are matching our student-like environment, so we can save enough money to put in luxuries like a working toilet, and windows that keep out the autumn cold. 

And, after a weekend of getting-out-of-town, we are back to our jobs. The work and fun of renos will have to squeeze into lives always busy with work, family, friends, and helping others. 



Food for workers...

Food is a motivator, an energy pick me up, and is how I managed to get a flow of constant volunteers to help us with this massive move.

Okay, it wasn't just the food my helpers tell me.

But I know it helped. In the middle of a busy day, when I called out "Tea time!" there was a gathering around the kitchen island until someone said, "It's time to get back to work."

I never had to say it. 

One day, I had no time to turn my own plums into a tasty treat for my stream of friendly workers and volunteers, so I took the plums in to Brambles and asked if they had time....

That was a favorite, eating a fresh plum cake on our porch..

And on the day of the moving sale, Denise, bless her heart, used what what is my fridge to mound the island high with motivation, from fresh vegetables to our favorite pork and beans dish. We were ready for the crowds...


Food is good.

Sitting together while we worked gave us all time to share memories of Riverwinde...


New house!

It's a project! 

Definitely time for some changes... It's what I am used to. Let's keep things moving!


And that's what we are doing right now...moving. Bill and I are changing homes, from Riverwinde to 2nd Avenue. We built Riverwinde from scratch several years ago. It is a beautiful, big family home, on a curve of the Nicola River. We always have family and friends coming and going. Our home is such a center for gathering that we gave it a name and allowed people to book it for events! 


But we are on the move. Our Riverwinde home just filled up for one of the last times, with our sons and their families gathering to help us round up all our belongings. Our belongings include grandbaby toys, tractors and trucks, craft and art supplies, and the usual home things, lots of them...


And besides an outdoor movie for fun, there was a feast. We are thankful to our family for all the help. And thankful to our friends...


There is always a feast to celebrate a get together, whether it's for family work parties, friends sharing recipes and reno tips, or colleagues putting on workshops....


But our gatherings now will be changing location...to 2nd Avenue, to a little house in town. We are still on the Nicola River. We are even closer now to friends and family. Family and friends, when they see the new place are surprised at the size. They are busy wondering, how will everyone fit? 

Lucky we bought the lot next door...for spill overs.


So...renos coming. Tips, how-to's, color talk, a little art on the side for a break. And future get togethers. Small ones, with pot lucks for a while...


Join us! And send in questions, comments, or encouragements...

Thanks! Mischelle



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